Benjamin Benjamin 11.10.2017

How does the PHP Realpath Cache work and how to configure it?

The realpath cache in PHP is often overlooked and its exact workings are a bit of a mystery to many developers, fueled by a lot of explanations on the web that are just plain wrong. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 31.08.2017

Environments are back: Monitor and Trace Staging, QA and Dev Servers

We think monitoring and tracing should be performed across the whole application lifecycle and that it should be easy to compare changes between production, staging/QA and production environments. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 11.08.2017

Improved Dashboard with Preview Chart and Recent Performance Metrics

We have improved the dashboard in Tideways to include preview charts with the last 24 hours of performance data and the performance of the most recent 15 minute interval. This provides you with a much better overview of all your applications and by selecting any time range in the preview chart you can directly jump to a time-range that interests you. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 11.08.2017

Using php-fpm as a simple built-in async queue

There are many tasks that a web-request should not perform directly so the user doesn't have to wait many seconds for a response. Examples include sending emails, uploading images to a CDN, resizing images or making expensive call to external services and many more depending on your use-case. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 07.07.2017

How to optimize the PHP garbage collector usage to improve memory and performance?

The behaviour of PHP's Garbage Collection (GC) can be a small mystery and you might wonder how it works and if you can optimize its usage for your application. Read More