Profiling, Monitoring and Exception Tracking for PHP

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Timeline and Callgraph Profiler

Identify slow SQL, HTTP or PHP calls in your code at first sight, no need to dig through tons of data. Get full insights from callgraphs to uncover any slowdown.

Application Performance Monitoring

Our continuous production monitoring detects and highlights bottlenecks automatically.

Error Tracking

We catch and collect all the Fatal Errors and Uncaught Exceptions for you.

Never Wait for a Trace Again

All the interesting traces are collected every minute and you can always trigger more yourself.

Up-to-Date with Trends and Alerts

Get notified of trends regularly and in case of sudden slowdowns and emergencies.

Built for PHP

We provide full integration with many popular PHP Libraries and Frameworks, out of the box.

Awesome Support

We are dedicated to help you with all your questions and problems as soon as possible.

Secure By Default Policy

We use SSL/TLS everywhere, believe in Datensparsamkeit and host in Germany.

Our Customers are Already in Full Control over Their Application Performance

„Using Tideways we were able to optimize and speed up our transactions by 20% with minimum development effort. Additionally Tideways allows us to monitor our system performance in real-time which proves to be an essential enabler for our continuous deployment pipeline.”

Anton Stöckl, Senior Manager DriveNow Software Development
Henrik Mitsch, Executive Manager Product Development DriveNow

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We run demo applications of Wordpress, Symfony and Shopware to showcase all the features of Tideways. Create a demo account to get unlimited access to these demo applications and evaluate Tideways with zero effort before starting a trial.