Pay only for what you are using - no matter how many servers you have

  • Small
    • Includes all features
    • Request-based pricing
    • 3 days retention
    • E-Mail support
  • 3 Million requests/month 49€
  • 10 Million requests/month 89€
  • 30 Million requests/month 129€
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  • Medium
    • Includes all features
    • Request-based pricing
    • 14 days retention
    • E-Mail & Phone support
    • Teams & Github Sync
  • 3 Million requests/month 99€
  • 10 Million requests/month 149€
  • 30 Million requests/month 199€
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  • Large
  • We offer larger plans for monthly request sizes of 50, 125, 250 or 500 million.

    Do you have more flexible requirements for volume, data retention, SLA or support levels? Please contact us to discuss a solution tailored to your needs.

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Do you want to run Tideways in your own datacenter?

We are currently building the Tideways Enterprise edition, If you interested in running an on-premise version of Tideways behind your firewall and in your own datacenter please contact us for more information. Tideways Enterprise includes all features of the online version features and integrates with your business.

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  • Easy to install, update and scale
  • LDAP and ActiveDirectory Sync
  • Audit Logging
  • SSL


A measured request always contains basic performance measurement data for a PHP request, cronjob or worker, for example the overall duration, memory used and error status. Depending on the configured sampling rate it can contain additional profiling information on a function-level or for example database queries.

Out of the box Tideways collects data on all PHP web requests in your application, using a pre-configured sample-rate to decide on collecting big and small amounts of data.

You can customize the trace collection to your needs with different configuration flags or even with PHP code if you need more flexibility.

Because the vast amount of raw data we collect is hard to analyze, Tideways applies a number of different aggregations to the collected data in the extension, daemon and on our servers. This allows us to reduce the noise and duplication in the data and show you only what is relevant.

The small plan comes with 3 days of data-retention for monitoring, profiling and error/exception data, the medium plan includes 2 weeks (14 days) of retention.

Deployment and system events as well as alerts are always stored for a full month.

The teams feature allows you to implement fine-grained access controls for users to different applications that you are monitoring in your Tideways account.

With the teams feature you can use Tideways together with different customers, external people or in large developer companies.

With the Github Team synchronization you can take it one step further and automatically synchronize teams and their members from a Github organization directly into Tideways.

If you exceed your plan limit by 10% or more we will kindly ask you to upgrade. If this happens regularly we will disable data collection of your account until the end of the month.

Yes, if you need more long-term contracts with a fixed scope of traces please send an e-mail to so that we can discuss the details.

At the moment we only accept credit-cards for short term contracts. If you want to pay by other means we can offer you to pay a 12 month contract up front.

All prices are excluding VAT. We are based in Germany, which means that you have to pay VAT if you are based in Europe. Our payment provider handles deductions based on European law as long as you provide your VAT-number. Please be aware that for regulatory reasons we cannot sell Tideways to consumers living in Europe, you must provide a valid VAT number if you order from a European country.

We don't stop at medium sizes, we provide off-the-shelf plans for Tideways with request sizes of 50, 125, 250 or 500 million a month. These plans have the same features and retention as the medium plans.

Traces/month Price
< 50 Million 225,- €
< 125 Million 295,- €
< 250 Million 395,- €
< 500 Million 495,- €

Yes, we can offer you considerable discounts if you are a registered non-profit organization (NGO) in the US or Europe and match our criteria. Please get in contact for more information.

All data is sent to our servers using SSL encryption. We follow a "safe by default" policy and only transmit data that cannot contain personal data of your website users. You are in full control which additional data you want to send yourself.

We are hosting Tideways in SysEleven's datacenters located in Berlin, Germany.