Benjamin Benjamin 12.04.2017

New Integrations: PagerDuty and Generic Webhook

We have added two new integrations for Tideways in the last days that can receive notifications for Response Time Degradation, Error Rates, New Exceptions, weekly Reports and new releases. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 13.03.2017

View the code context for the stack trace of exceptions/errors

We have released a new opt-in feature that allows the collection of code around every part of an error/exception stack trace. This feature is disabled by default. When enabled the Tideways daemon stores 10 lines of code around each step in the stack trace of an exception or fatal error. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 03.03.2017

Introducing unlimited request plans

We are introducing new plans for Tideways and are retiring the request-based pricing on March 15th 2017. You can already visit the new pricing page with all the information. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 14.02.2017

Improved time-range selection with the new preview-chart

We are rolling out another new feature that has been high on our most wanted feature list for a while, a time-range selector using a small preview-chart with the response time trends of your application. Read More

Katharina Katharina 13.02.2017

Slack, Hipchat and Flowdock notifications for new releases

If you are using release events in Tideways to mark deployments of your application, then you will happy to hear that we have finally created notifications for them. Starting with Slack, Hipchat and Flowdock, you can now get a notification in two cases: Read More