Benjamin Benjamin 07.11.2016

Slow Ajax requests in your Symfony application? Apply this simple fix

If you are using Sessions in PHP (the odds are very high) then you should know that write and read access to them is using pessimistic locking which means no two requests can run in parallel with the same session open. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 02.11.2016

Improved snapshots: Select and compare any time span, drill down

When the performance of your application changes you want to know the reasons why. In the last month we have kept relasing feature after feature that makes this easy and quick and Snapshots was one of them. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 24.10.2016

How to implementing cache tagging with APC or Memcache without hurting performance

Cache tagging first appeared on my radar when I started working on Doctrine ORM in 2009 and the idea sounds extremely useful in theory. With cache tagging, cache entries can be grouped together under tag names, which then allows to simply invalidate all items with the same tag. Read More

Kore Kore 29.09.2016

Introducing Trace Pinning

Today we are introducing a new feature called "trace pinning" which allows you to keep traces for future reference. This is a first step to improve the usability of Tideways for longer performance optimization sessions by simplyfing the steps to find traces that you have found interesting before. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 14.09.2016

Developing a time-series "database" based on HdrHistogram

Over the last months we have developed, tested and rolled out a new backend for the time-series information that we collect in Tideways. In this blog post I want to explain some of the implementation details and the journey getting here and why we didn't use one of the many existing time-series databases out there. Read More