Benjamin Benjamin 23.06.2017

Improved Timeline Profiler with Stacktraces, Zoom and more

We just shipped a huge update to the Timeline Profiler in Tideways that improves the level of detail and usability of this core profiling feature. This is the first major step of several more updates to come in the next month. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 16.06.2017

Introducing SQL and HTTP duration trace filters and advanced query language

Finding a specific trace you are interested in just got much easier with the addition of three new filtering features. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 14.06.2017

Profiling Laravel applications using the open-source Monica CRM as example

Tideways has powerful built-in instrumentation for Laravel, including Eloquent Models and Blade Templating language. To show this support we have added a demo application using the excellent open-source Laravel application Monica - a CRM for your friends and family. You can sign up for Tideways for free and take a look at this and other demo applications. Read More

Sina Sina 08.05.2017

Filter traces by bottlenecks, response time, service and release events

We just improved the trace listing screen in Tideways and included four new filters. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 03.05.2017

Use timeouts to prevent long-running SELECT queries from taking down your MySQL

You may be wondering if your users can slow down or even DOS your MySQL database with an unlucky request. If it contains just the wrong number of conditions in your advanced search form triggering a full table scan on a dataset that is much larger than you have anticipated they probably can. Read More